WATCH: Woman rants in Panera that masks won't stop the virus because pants can't stop farts

A woman who refused to wear a mask in a Panera in Chico, California this week complained that masks can't possibly be effective in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus because pants are not able to contain gas that is passed due to flatulence.

In the video, the woman can be seen waiting in line at the Panera without wearing a mask, while also using her phone to record employees at the chain restaurant.

When the woman's turn comes in line, the servers refuse to fill her order unless she wears a mask. The woman starts to complain about this, after which one of the customers standing behind her says, "That's right, they're not going to serve you unless you're wearing a mask!"

The woman continues complaining, after which the other customer says, "Just put on a mask, don't be such a moron!"

At this point, the woman confronts the other customer.

"Stop it!" she says to him.

"You're so f*cking selfish!" the man shoots back.

The woman then proceeds to breathe in his direction -- and then she taunts him for believing wearing a mask will protect him from COVID-19.

"You think that mask is going to protect you?" she asked.

She then pointed to her pants and said, "When you fart out your ass, you can smell it!"

Watch the video below.