‘We’re moving in the wrong direction’: Houston mayor issues dire warning about Texas COVID-19 explosion
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (Youtube)

On CNN Tuesday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner warned that the COVID-19 situation in Texas is worsening.

"What is your response in reaching this new milestone of 10,000 cases in Texas in a single day?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"It's scary, not one I like to brag about," said Turner. "Today, for the first time in a long time, we reported in the City of Houston 1,060, so we represented about 10 percent of those cases. We are moving in the wrong direction. That's why we have to clamp down and slow the virus."

"Mayor, you have said the number of people in ICU beds has exponentially increased," said Blitzer. "Are you in danger in Houston of running out of space to care for the critically ill coronavirus patients?"

"We are fortunate to have the largest medical center in the world," said Turner. "We can go to Phase Three and that's a little over 500 beds in Phase Three, so we still have capacity. The next two weeks will be important, critical. You don't want to have to enter Phase Three. It is not just about providing beds, but the staffing that goes along with it. But you don't want to get there if you can avoid it. That's why we encourage people to put on their masks and wear them and engage in social distancing."

Watch below: