‘We’ve waited for 142,000 lives’: CNN anchor slams Trump for only now promising a COVID plan
photo: screen capture

On Tuesday, CNN's John Berman discussed President Donald Trump's news conference, in which he encouraged people to wear masks and warned the virus is still a problem — and attacked him for still not having a federal plan.

"As he admitted things would get worse before better, he had little to say about what he would do to make them better," said Berman. "What he did do was issue a proclamation that sounds outlandish when you consider he's called himself a wartime president, and, as we said, nearly 142,000 Americans are dead."

"We are in the process of developing a strategy that's going to be very, very powerful," said Trump in the clip.

"What's the wait? We've waited for 142,000 lives!" said Berman. "He didn't announce a plan to make testing more available and waiting two weeks for results to come back, commercial labs say they are overloaded at the moment, but the president announced no federal plan to allocate unused capacity at state labs, university and hospital labs, even veterinary facilities as one expert suggested on another network today."

"Things are getting worse and we heard the president admit it," said Berman. "We heard him say things that are not true and gloss over realities he'd rather not face, even though the country must. And hanging over all of this is the question how long until the words spoken out loud this evening, with all the caveats attached, are replaced once again by the president we have seen and heard the 99 percent of this pandemic."

Watch below: