White House advisor hammered on CNN for dodging questions about Trump's quack ‘alien DNA’ doctor
Peter Navarro speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On CNN Wednesday, anchor John Berman clashed with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro about President Donald Trump's promotion of a quack doctor who believes people are being sickened by demon sex and modern medicine contains DNA from aliens — and his defense of the discredited hydroxychloroquine protocol to treat COVID-19.

"Peter, let me ask you, what's your opinion of Dr. Stella Immanuel?" asked Berman.

"I have no opinion," said Navarro. "I saw the brief, I had no knowledge of her," replied Navarro.

"Hang on," said Berman. "The president is promoting Dr. Stella Immanuel and he tweeted out what she said yesterday ... she said alien DNA is used in medicine."

"You're having fun with this," said Navarro.

"Oh, god, I'm not having fun with this. I'm deadly serious," said Berman. "My question is, why lean on Stella Immanuel to make a medical point?"

"So, look, my mission here is to help the president save lives and create jobs," said Navarro. "This issue of hydroxychloroquine, what the president was talking about, I thought he did it in a very sophisticated way yesterday because he pointed out that it's only efficacious in early treatment. I would suggest, don't believe me, don't believe Dr. Fauci, bring on William O'Neill."

"He didn't quote Dr. O'Neill. He didn't quote Dr. Risch at Yale. He did talk about Stella Immanuel," said Berman. "He talked about this doctor who promotes demon seed."

"I know nothing about her," said Navarro. "If you want to use me as a prop to kind of play her clips — because I have got stuff to talk about to you." Navarro then went on to say that "I stand by" the benefits of hydroxychloroquine — a drug that has been shown to have no clinical benefit with COVID-19 patients and cause life-threatening side effects — and added "I'm sitting on millions of doses of it." The segment devolved into an argument with Berman enumerating all of the medical evidence against Navarro's position.

Watch below: