Woman behind anti-mask event has also shared image against washing hands amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Surprised woman facepalms (Shutterstock)

A woman has inspired an "unmasked shopping event" in Washington state after she was confronted in a grocery store for not wearing a mask. The irate shopper also doesn't appear to be a fan of vaccinations or handwashing.

"You're harassing me," Aubree Stone says in the video, as an employee of the grocery store asks her and her family to leave for refusing to wear a face covering.

"Get away from me and my child," Stone adds. "I cannot believe that you have the gall and the nerve to try and make somebody do something outside of their own will."

"It is a private business, would you like to see the law?" the employee, who identified herself as a manager, responds in the video.

According to local news outlet KXLY, the Spokane Valley Grocery Outlet -- where the incident occurred -- "has obvious signs at the main entrance telling customers they must wear a mask in order to shop."

After the incident, a Facebook event page was created that urges people to enter the store without a mask.

"We need to send a message to Grocery Outlet that this behavior is unacceptable. This particular manager is treating people very badly. Let's show up and say it's not OK!" the page states.

Prior to the incident, Stone also shared a Facebook image suggesting that playing in the mud was a defense against COVID-19. The image shows two children covered in dirt, along with the message: "This is how you build immunity Not by Vaccines or washing hands all the time or wearing Face Masks or staying indoors all the time".

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Secretary of Health John Wiesman announced last month that every Washingtonian in an indoor public space will be legally required to wear a face covering to combat the spread of COVID-19, effective June 26. A face covering is also required when unable to physically distance from others in an outdoor public space.