‘A tragic impasse’: Pelosi halts stimulus negotiations until ‘Republicans start to take this process seriously’
Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (screengrab)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) laid down an ultimatum for stimulus negotiations to resume after failing to make any progress in talks with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“This conversation made clear that the White House continues to disregard the needs of the American people as the coronavirus crisis devastates lives and livelihoods," Pelosi said in a statement released Friday. “Democrats are willing to resume negotiations once Republicans start to take this process seriously."

Pelosi updated Americans on the negotiations.

“Originally, House and Senate Democrats made clear we would be willing to cut a trillion dollars if the White House would add a trillion for a bill. In order to meet in the middle, we have now said we would be willing to go to $2.2 trillion to meet the needs of the American people. This is not about dollars, this is about values. These investments will not only help crush the virus, they will also help bolster the economy," she argued. “The Administration’s continued failure to acknowledge the funding levels that experts, scientists and the American people know is needed leaves our nation at a tragic impasse."

Pelosi accused Republicans of "abandoning" healthcare workers, teachers, workers, local governments, children, families, small businesses, renters, and voters.