‘Angry racist privileged white man’ caught on video attacking neighbor over property marker

Around 100 people on Sunday gathered on the lawn of a 71-year-old Rhode Island man who was accused of unleashing a torrent of racial slurs as he assaulted a neighbor, the Providence Journal reports.

Richard Gordon was arrested on Friday and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Video of the incident was reportedly too blurry to provide a clear assessment of what happened, but the audio reveals a man with an accent call someone else in the video "rude." Another man with no accent can be heard shouting an obscenity with a racial slur, which was followed by the sound of a loud slap.

In another video of the incident, Gordon admits using the N-word.

In a Facebook post, a member of the family targeted by Gordon, Iman Ali Pahlavi, said that the altercation took place when her husband went to replace a property marker that had gone missing. She added that her family has been on the receiving end of "microaggressions" during the three years they've lived there.

According to Katherine Quinn, a friend of the family who attended the protest on Gordon's lawn, Gordon is "an angry racist privileged white man who cannot stand the fact that this family lives across the street from him."