Arizona swing voters are rejecting Trump's law-and-order attacks on Joe Biden: focus group

A focus group of Arizona voters held by NPR has found that President Donald Trump's claims that former Vice President Joe Biden will abolish the police are falling flat.

The focus group showed voters a Trump campaign ad featuring a fictitious elderly woman frantically dialing 911 when an intruder entered her house -- only to be told that the entire police department had been defunded thanks to Biden.

However, even Trump voters in the focus group found the ad to be way over the top.

"If we start talking about that ad being reality, we've got a lot of problems," Trump supporter Shyla explained, before adding that the ad was "far from reality."

Allen, another Trump supporter, said that he agreed with the ad's central message but acknowledged that Biden "didn't say he wanted to defund" the police.

Courtney, an undecided voter, told the focus group that the ad was "extremist," and said any concerns she had about violent crime were not related to Biden.

All told, NPR found that Trump has a major challenge in persuading voters to give him a second term, and noted "that's especially true if his attacks against Biden continue not to stick."