Arizona woman charged with assault for clawing mask off restaurant manager's face
Image via ABC 15 News.

On Saturday, ABC 15 reported that a woman has been charged with assault during an altercation over COVID-19 restrictions at the 92 Drinks + Eats restaurant and karaoke bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to manager Nicole Dinkel, the woman, who was in a party of four and unmasked, escalated when she got up and blew in Dinkel's face.

“They were dancing, I had to tell them ladies I’m so sorry I can’t have you standing with the 6 feet with [Gov. Doug] Ducey's new rules. Can you please take a seat?" Dinkel told ABC 15. "They would say OK, and then again in a few minutes they would still stand up. So at the end, I said ladies listen I need to either have you take a seat or need to have you exit with a mask. They just weren’t listening.”

After the woman attacked her, which was caught on surveillance camera, Dinkel took out her phone and began recording, and the argument moved outside. The woman then moved to rip off Dinkel's mask and claw at her face.

"On Friday, ABC15 confirmed the Scottsdale Police Department filed assault charges against one woman," reported Nicole Valdes. "No arrests have been made. Instead, the charges are being sent to prosecutors with a notice for the woman to appear in court."

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