Bill Barr tells Fox News anti-fascist liberals are 'fascistic'
Attorney General William Barr (screengrab)

In a bizarre moment of confusion, Attorney General Bill Barr attacked anti-fascist protesters as fascists.

Appearing on Fox News' Mark Levin, Barr ranted about the "radical left," as the host said he thought elected officials would throw an explosive device at him while he was testifying.

Barr agreed, saying that Democrats have aligned themselves with the anti-fascist activists to become fascists. He didn't clarify how or why, other than associating them with radical, far-left, Bolsheviks, who actually advocated a kind of Marxism, not fascism.

Marxism is not the same as fascism, and it's unclear why the attorney general of the United States doesn't know the difference between the two or that the Bolsheviks were not fascist.

Conservatives have attacked Democrats for years, calling them communists and socialists, so it's unclear why Barr has decided to change the narrative to claim liberals now support authoritarian dictatorships.

See the video below: