Both of Tennessee's major GOP Senate candidates were exposed to COVID-19: officials
Bill Hagerty and Manny Sethi (Photos: Official and campaign websites)

On Wednesday, WJHL reported that both of the major Republican Senate candidates in Tennessee, former ambassador Bill Hagerty and physician Manny Sethi, may have been exposed to coronavirus at a recent public event.

"Hamilton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday there was a virus exposure at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Chattanooga, a GOP event that was held Friday," said the report. "According to the county, case investigations concluded that a person attended the event while in their infectious period. Senate GOP hopefuls Manny Sethi and Bill Hagerty were in attendance. They are locked in a tough race for an open seat."

In response to the report, Sethi has said that he will get a "rapid test."

Campaign photos from both candidates show that neither of them, including Sethi, who is a medical doctor, have taken any steps to practice social distancing or follow other CDC guidelines at recent political stops, even though Tennessee is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Watch below: