CNN host visibly exasperated as Pence ally insists Biden would cause the violence already happening under Trump
CNN host Alisyn Camerota. (Screenshot)

On CNN Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff Marc Short attempted to claim that President Donald Trump must be re-elected to preserve law and order — and anchor Alisyn Camerota pointed out that the order is breaking down under his leadership in the first place.

"Do you think that people feel safe in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this morning in Donald Trump's America?" asked Camerota.

"Well, Alisyn, I think that we have seen a lot of violence in Democrat-run cities," said Short. "What we are seeing is an unwillingness to help enforce law and order in the streets, and that's what this administration will continue to do."

"To be clear, President Trump is president today, and he was president in May when George Floyd was killed," said Camerota. "Why should Americans think that if they re-elect him to be president anything, would be different?"

"Come on, Alisyn, I think you know as well as I do that this administration has stood strongly with law enforcement," said Short. "That's why law enforcement is continuing to support this administration. What the other side has done is continue to — continue to excuse violence in many cases against law enforcement."

"What do you mean, Marc?" said Camerota.

"For the first time, Alisyn, you hear Joe Biden come out yesterday and condemned the violence. It's the first time that's happened. Didn't happen in Minneapolis," said Short. (This is false — Biden did in fact condemn violence in Minneapolis.)

"But it's on President Trump's watch," said Camerota.

"Because you're looking at what's happening as an erosion in Democratic-run cities, Democratic-run cities for decades of leadership, decades of leadership that's led to the violence. It's what this administration has asked to stop," said Short.

"If President Trump is re-elected, there won't be Democratic-run cities?" said Camerota, confused.

"Of course there will," said Short. "But we'll standing with the men who put their lives at risk each and every day."

"I think what you're missing, people saw with their own eyes what what happened to George Floyd and they were able to see with their own eyes the piece of the cell phone video what happened to Jacob Blake," said Camerota. "Why didn't Mike Pence talk about those situations last night?"

"This president, this administration, did condemn the violence against George Floyd and what the vice president said last night, if you listen to his remarks, he said too many heroes have died in America's history to continue to see Americans strike down on each other," said Short.

"Why isn't he specifically naming Jacob Blake and what happened to him?" said Camerota. "And similarly, the vigilantism happening in Kenosha—"

"He said specifically he wants to bring an end to the violence, period. He said it must stop," said Short. "That applies to vigilante justice as well ... we don't know all of the circumstances about what happened with Mr. Blake. The investigation is ongoing, but we want an end to the violence, period."

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