CNN’s Jake Tapper unleashes tweetstorm after Trump campaign twists his words on Charlottesville to attack Biden and Harris

CNN host Jake Tapper took to Twitter Wednesday evening after President Donald Trump's campaign sent out talking points twisting Tapper's words and those of his political panel.

According to Tapper, the talking points mischaracterize Tapper to make it sound like he was defending Trump's claims of "very fine people on both sides" of the Charlottesville rally. The Charlottesville rally, as you might recall, was a gathering of white supremacists and neo-Nazis who chanted "Jews will not replace us," and ran a car into a crowd of peaceful counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer.

Tapper posted the transcript, noting that "it was part of a panel discussion where other journalists made salient observations."

He then quoted Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim, saying, "remember the context of how those rallies were organized. It was the Unite the Right Rally. It was organized by a well-known white nationalist."

Jeff Zeleny recalled that his sources in the GOP were "sort of" offended by Trump's comments, and White House economic adviser Gary Cohn "almost resigned over it."

It's unknown why the Trump campaign would want to bring up Charlottesville again given how much it damaged him and his poll numbers.