Donald Trump Jr. devastated as Fox News' Laura Ingraham praises Joe Biden's convention speech
Donald Trump Jr. (Photo: Screen capture)

For months Donald Trump, Jr. has been falsely attacking Joe Biden as a "weak" man who has been "hiding in his basement" and "can’t unify words to make a complete sentence."

He, of course, was wrong. And was proved wrong Thursday night as the Democratic presidential nominee delivered an excellent speech to the people of America.

Even Fox News was forced to admit Biden's success.

"Joe Biden just hit a home run in the bottom of ninth," Fox News' Dana Perino, a former White House press secretary, told viewers at the end of the former Vice President's speech.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has called Joe Biden "a doddering fool," had Donald Trump, Jr. on her show Thursday night. The president's son no doubt expected she would try to spin Biden's speech to fit his false narrative.

He appeared devastated when she didn't.

Ingraham told him, “he did beat expectations, Don,” wiping Trump Jr.'s smile from his face and causing his head to literally start to wobble.

"He delivered a good speech," she added, praising him for a "fairly well-delivered" speech.

Cornered, Jr. went on the attack.

"He also lied, you know, he brings back the Democrats' only, you know, their easy button going back to the lie about Charlottesville," he claimed, apparently suggesting his father did not call neo-Nazis "good people," which he did.