Dr. Fauci says his family is being threatened because of a 'completely crazy' backlash against science
Anthony Fauci (Screen Grab)

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN's John Berman on Thursday that he and his family are facing death threats because some Americans are having an irrational backlash against scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked by Berman about the threats he's received, Fauci turned it into a broader discussion about America's divisive politics.

"You know, there's such divisiveness right now in this country, John, I mean, I can't explain it," he said. "The kinds of things that you see in society, you have a lot of outlier people that do things that are almost inexplicable, where the push back against science is in a way that gets translated into threats to me, my daughters, my wife. I mean that is completely crazy, it really makes you shake your head."

Fauci has been a focal point of criticism from Trump supporters such as Fox News' Tucker Carlson, and also from the president himself, who has frequently complained that the nation's top infectious disease expert has higher poll numbers than he does.

Watch the video below.