Eric Trump hit with new lawsuit from New York's attorney general: court filing
Eric Trump appears on Fox & Friends (screen grab)

Eric Trump, the Trump Organization and lawyer Sheri Dillon have all been named in a new suit from New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Reuters reported Monday that court documents revealed a new suit filed against President Donald Trump's company and other defendants.

It was filed in the New York state court in Manhattan but the complaint was not immediately available and the subject and details couldn't be determined.

There was, however, a letter filed with the court saying that Eric Trump, one of the president's sons, is a defendant.

James has also filed a complaint against decisions by the Trump White House, but most cases out of New York have been federal suits from the Southern District of New York.

UPDATE: This investigation relates to testimony that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen gave to Congress about land deals, MSNBC's Tom Winter relayed. It's a civil case, not a criminal one. The Trump properties and filings that were sought may have relied on fraudulent financial documents that falsely increased the value of Trump's buildings. In one example, Trump Tower was exaggerated to be 10 stories taller than it actually is, and Trump's winery was increased by 800 acres.

The attorney general has also asked that a judge force Eric Trump to comply with subpoenas.

Read the Reuters report here.