Republicans who abandoned Trump for Biden are 'saints' : Ex-RNC head
Photo: AFP

On MSNBC Saturday, former GOP Chairman Michael Steele lavished praise on Republicans who came to Joe Biden's convention to speak in his favor.

"Michael, you see this parade of prominent Republicans that are endorsing the rival at the opposing party convention," said anchor Alex Witt. "I would imagine this would be a nightmare. Are these folks sinners or saints?"

"In my book, they're saints, because they put the country above their party," said Steele. "They are willing to take the hit for their party that they've taken for years ... a stark contrast that these individuals are standing up at a time when Republicans are not. It draws attention to the country to this contrast where these individuals look at the election and see the danger that lies ahead with going with Trump. As John Kasich said, look, I'm not talking about the policy, but we have to be concerned about the country first. That's an important message right now."

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