FDA promotes pro-Trump propaganda after gun-loving ex-OAN reporter becomes its spokeswoman

The Twitter account for the Food and Drug Administration has started promoting propagandistic announcements lauding the Trump administration's "achievements" in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic -- shortly after President Donald Trump appointed Emily Miller, a gun-loving former reporter for One America News, as the agency's spokeswoman.

As documented by Media Matters' Parker Molloy, the FDA this week issued an uncharacteristically political press release that touted the authorization of convalescent plasma as "Another achievement in [the Trump] administration’s fight against pandemic."

When veteran reporter Julie Rovner, currently the chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News, pointed out that FDA press releases typically don't "trumpet administration achievements," Miller replied to her on Twitter and said, "So?"

Molloy also points to assorted Media Matters reports on Miller's work as a right-wing journalist over the years in which she fabricated quotes from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, while also pushing conspiracy theories about the Obama administration trying to "track law-abiding citizens" with its promotion of "smart gun" technology that would allow guns to be fired only by authorized users.

Miller is also the author of a book titled, "Emily Gets Her Gun... But Obama Wants to Take Yours."