Former NFL player facing insider trading charges featured in prime time at the RNC
Former NFL player Jack Brewer (Photo: Screen capture)

In 2016, the Republican Party welcomed Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) to speak at the convention even though he was under investigation for insider trading. In 2020, they included former NFL player Jack Brewer, who too is facing insider trading charges.

As NPR explained, the Black Voters for Trump member was charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchanges Commission was charged earlier this month ahead of the Republican convention.

"Brewer is a former NFL player who went on to work in financial services," the report said. "The SEC alleges he sold 100,000 shares in a penny stock because he had inside information that the company's share price was likely to drop."

The charges are civil, not criminal charges, and the SEC is seeking financial penalties. They've asked a return of "all ill-gotten gains he received directly or indirectly" and a permanent ban on Brewer "from participating in any offering of a penny stock."

Brewer also incorrectly quoted Donald Trump saying, "there are very fine white supremacists" at the Charlottesville rally. Trump never said that. He said "there are very fine people on both sides," equating the white supremacists and Black Lives Matter. The comment sparked networks to replay the moment where Trump made the comment.

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