Fox's Geraldo taken aback after Trump tells him Joe Biden is 'against the Bible'
Donald Trump posing with a Bible in front of St. John's church (screengrab)

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera was taken aback on Thursday when President Donald Trump went on his radio show and accused former Vice President Joe Biden of being anti-Bible.

As documented by CNN fact checker Daniel Dale, Trump told Rivera that Biden is "against the Bible" while calling into his Cleveland radio show.

"That may be a little harsh," replied Rivera.

Trump clarified that "people around" Biden are against the Bible, if not Biden himself.

Biden, as Dale notes, is a lifelong practicing Catholic. Trump, on the other hand, never publicly identified as a Christian until he started running for president in 2015, and he raised eyebrows when he said that he had never asked God for forgiveness, which is a central tenet of Christian doctrine.