‘Frankly embarrassing’: Jemele Hill dunks on Jared Kushner for suggesting NBA players shut up and be grateful

Speaking on MSNBC this Friday, journalist Jemele Hill addressed recent comments from Jared Kushner, who disparaged NBA players for boycotting games in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. According to Kushner, professional athletes have the luxury of boycotting considering how highly paid they are.

"It's really interesting that he wants to talk about luxury and comfort when he has the luxury and comfort of his father-in-law being the president, and him constantly being put in charge of things that he's wholly unqualified to do," Hill said. "The NBA players are a lot better at their jobs than he is at his."

Hill went on to say that Kushner's criticism of NBA players is rooted in a "tired trope" that Black people who are successful need to be "grateful."

"These players, when they're not performing and when they're not in their sport, they still have to be Black in America."

Watch the segment in the video below: