GOP congressman publicly denounced by his own sister for being ‘intertwined’ with Trump

The sister of Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) took to Facebook to slam her brother for being "intertwined" with President Trump after he voted against funding for the Postal Service last weekend.

"Enough is enough," Carol Del Prince wrote in her post on Sunday. "You don’t serve the people who 'elected' you in the very gerrymandered 1st District of Ohio. We The People need better representation in Washington. You’re so intertwined with Trump and his corrupt administration that you’ve lost your way. No amount of pizza can change your record and actions since January 2017."

Del Prince even invited Chabot's Democratic opponent to put a campaign sign in her yard.

"Kate [Schroder] can put her sign in our yard," she wrote. "Our country is worth saving, even if it requires hard personal choices like country over family. I wish you wellness and a happy retirement this November."

When asked by the Cincinnati Enquirer to characterize her relationship with her brother, Del Prince said, "Our family was always very politically diverse. Steve and our dad were the staunch conservatives. That’s it for now."

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