GOP convention's 'worshipful tone' forgets that Trump has 'struggled to demonstrate basic humanity': op-ed
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, Greg Sargent says President Trump has "hallowed out" the Republican Party and turned it into a personality cult. "But no level of appreciation of this state of affairs could possibly have prepared us for what we’re witnessing at the GOP convention."

Aside from the "white grievance," Sargent contends that the convention's "sheer unbridled messianism" was front and center.

"In short, the depiction of Trump has been absolute and comprehensive in its idolatry, infusing the convention with quasi-totalitarian levels of disinformation and hagiography alike," Sargent writes.

The "worshipful tone" of the convention tried to paint an image of Trump having an awe-inspiring ability to rise above his opponents. But Trump has spent literally years attacking critics in the most "childish, petty and idiotic ways imaginable, spraying around epithets (often directed at Black women) such as 'nasty' and 'loser' and 'dumb' and 'dummy' and 'Low IQ' with great relish," Sargent writes.

Another farce promoted by convention speakers is the notion that Trump is the most "empathetic person in America."

"In the real world, Trump has struggled to demonstrate a shred of basic humanity about the mounting deaths, bereavement and economic misery that have been unleashed, largely by his own towering failures on the coronavirus," writes Sargent. "And he has refused to accept responsibility for any of this, treating people’s perceptions as if they can be simply erased by his magical lying. Both of these constitute forms of very deep contempt for the lived experiences of other human beings."

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