Harry Reid warns of Trump's mental state on CNN: 'There's something wrong with that man -- he's getting worse'
Sen. Harry Reid says FBI Director James Comey has been a political actor in this election (Screen capture)

Former Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) on Friday warned that President Donald Trump's mental state appears to be "getting worse" amid his claims that former Vice President Joe Biden will somehow "hurt God."

In an interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar, Reid was asked what to make of Trump's claims that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was "against God," despite being a lifelong Catholic.

"I think it's just so absolutely crazy," he said. "There's something wrong with that man. We keep -- I keep hoping that it will become more attuned with reality, but he's getting worse. Joe Biden's against God? That's kind of a stretch, I would think."

Reid also had some sharp words for the president's criticisms of his state's mail-in voting system.

"I'm happy that he singled Nevada out if he has a problem, because we have a system that's really, really good and has been proven so over the years," he said. "He's got a business here, maybe that's why he does it. He has the Trump Tower here. Maybe he needs a trip here to play golf or something, I don't know. But it's -- he's raising concerns that are nonexistent."

Watch the video below.