Here's Kamala Harris' big plan to ensure Trump loses
Kamala Harris (Shutterstock) 6 (1)

On Thursday, The Washington Post outlined how Joe Biden's campaign plans to leverage Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to boost voter turnout in swing states.

"Within the first 24 hours after Sen. Kamala D. Harris was named Joe Biden’s running mate, top Democrats were reaching out to syndicated Black radio hosts, eager to line up appearances for Harris on their popular shows," reported Matt Viser. "In roughly the same period, Biden’s campaign cited Harris in a broad fundraising appeal, raising an impressive $34 million, largely from a new set of donors excited by Harris’s role, and sold $1.2 million worth of Biden-Harris lawn signs."

"In coming weeks, the Biden campaign plans to deploy the U.S. senator from California to swing states — often virtually, but at times in person — to connect with Black voters, young activists and suburban women, groups whose support for Biden is solid but far from guaranteed," continued the report. "Joint television interviews are in the works over the next few weeks."

While young voters consistently vote for the Democratic ticket as a bloc, the margin and level of turnout makes a difference, and some polls have suggested that enthusiasm among younger and Black voters, while higher than 2016, is still lower than previous elections in which Democrats won the White House.

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