Here's why John Oliver called the GOP-led Senate report on Russia the most ignored story of the week
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"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver summed up the week's news by saying that that one of the most important things that happened flew largely under the radar: The GOP-led Senate committee that confirmed President Donald Trump conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election.

"It's something that we already knew, but it's still nice to have it in writing," said Oliver. "Now this report does have new details too. Besides Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort's 'willingness to share information with individuals closely affiliated with Russian intelligence services' as a 'grave national intelligence threat.' Not only that, it details how Roger Stone not only tried to get WikiLeaks to drop damaging emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair just as the 'Access Hollywood' tape came out. While Trump denied knowledge of Stone's activities to Robert Mueller, this report has put one hell of an asterisk on it."

Notably, the fact that the president lied under oath to Mueller that he hadn't spoken to Stone about WikiLeaks. If the president is kicked out of office in November, he could easily be charged with lying under oath. If he wins, the statute of limitations would likely expire by the time he was out of office.

"Not only did everyone naturally assume that, but it's also impossible that Trump wouldn't remember that conversation," said Oliver. "How could anyone forget talking to Roger Stone? A man who can best be described as visually too f*cking much."

He noted that the fact the report came from the GOP is even more of a damning indictment of Trump.

"Underscoring just how important the election in November is," he noted.

His comments come after a report where he complained about the Democratic convention, which he said focused too much on attacking Donald Trump, talking about compassion and empathy and not enough about what they'll do to fix all of the problems Trump has made with his presidency.

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