'It was pure BS': CNN busts Trump for fabricating a health care plan 'out of thin air'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

CNN's John Avlon and John Berman on Monday busted President Donald Trump for promising that he would sign a mysterious new health care plan that still has never come to fruition.

In his latest "Reality Check" segment, Avlon noted that Trump has been promising to replace the Affordable Care Act with a "great" health care plan for the last four years, but that he still hasn't come up with anything.

In fact, as Avlon documented, Trump has only sought to undermine the law in court with his push to have the Supreme Court strike it down entirely.

"This is the old arsonist-as-a-firefighter routine, with possibly your life on the line," he commented.

Avlon also showed that Trump promised Fox News' Chris Wallace two weeks ago that he would be releasing a "complete and full" health care plan by now -- but now that deadline has come and gone.

"It was just B.S., pure B.S.," commented host John Berman. "That alone, no matter if it was about health care or anything else, he was never signing anything. It was made up out of thin air."

Watch the video below.