Jeffrey Epstein victims win chance at justice -- Alex Acosta ‘deal’ to get a second look in court: report
Right-wing conspiracy theory pushed by President Donald Trump

According to a report from the Miami Herald, an entire appellate court agreed Friday to rehear claims that federal prosecutors in South Florida violated the rights of victims of Jeffrey Epstein when they kept them in the dark about a secret plea deal with the now-deceased billionaire financier.

"The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a previous panel’s 2-1 decision that rejected a petition by one of Epstein’s victims," the Herald reports. "She sought to undo the agreement that federal prosecutors struck with Epstein not to charge him with trafficking girls for his own sexual pleasure more than a decade ago."

The decision sets the stage for the potentially dozens of victims of Epstein to get a chance at justice. Alexander Acosta was the U.S. Attorney in charge of case and non-prosecution agreement with Epstein, which occurred during the George W. Bush administration. Acosta went on to serve as Secretary of Labor for President Donald Trump.

"The three judges narrowly rejected Courtney Wild’s petition to compel federal prosecutors in South Florida to charge Epstein on the grounds that the feds violated Wild’s and other victims’ rights when they cut a secret deal with him behind their backs. Instead, prosecutors allowed Epstein to plead guilty to lenient solicitation charges in state court in Palm Beach County," the Herald reports.

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