Joy Reid medical expert blasts the president's lies on coronavirus: ‘Trump needs to stay in his lane’
Composite image of Joy Reid and Dr. Bernard Ashby (screengrabs)

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid interviewed Dr. Bernard B. Ashby about the latest coming from the White House on the coronavirus pandemic.

"If, for instance, you did not test for pregnancy, does it mean you are not pregnant?" Reid asked.

Ashby, a cardiologist from Miami, praised the anchor on her new primetime show, "The ReidOut," but did not directly answer the question.

"And in terms of the whole discourse, the fact that I'm having to respond to Trump about clinical medicine is ridiculous," Dr. Ashby explained.

"Trump needs to stay in his lane. Like, we went to medical school for a long time, we did training for a long time to speak on exactly what ... we have the expertise to speak on and the fact that Trump is asserting himself in academic medicine, into clinical medicine is ridiculous," he explained.

"A lot of politicians are saying things that are completely wrong, and frankly, me, representing medical professionals, we are pissed off. We want homie to stay in his lane and not speak of medical, evidence-based medicine if he doesn't understand it," he continued.

"It's insane," he added.