Joy Reid spoofs The X-Files in hilarious video mocking Trump's UFO conversation with Lou Dobbs
DonaldTrump and Lou Dobbs

MSNBC host Joy Reid made a hilarious spoof of "The X-Files" on her Wednesday show after President Donald Trump had a conversation on air with Fox's Lou Dobbs about UFOs.

Trump called into Dobbs' show Tuesday night, and the two started talking about UFOs. Dobbs said his friends were asking if Trump was going to do anything about the UFOs and release any information about it. The president said that since Dobbs is the nation's top "expert" on UFOs, he would probably defer to Dobbs on the issue.

Dobbs and Trump are so close that Trump regularly calls the Fox Business host to gossip about people and regularly puts him on speakerphone in the Oval Office to demand his aides listen to what Dobbs says.

"OK, wait," paused Reid. "A lot of Dobbs' friends are very concerned about UFOs? Who is he hanging out with!? And, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, did Trump just say that Lou Dobbs is a UFO expert?! What is happening!? This crazy Trump-TV show that we've all been stuck in has jumped from 'Veep' to 'The X-Files.' Instead of Mulder and Scully, we've got Dobbs and Trump.'"

Reid then walked through all of Trump's "crazy" conspiracy theories from Barack Obama's birth certificate to the claim Ted Cruz's father was involved in JFK's assassination.

See the hilarious spoof below: