Kellyanne Conway has a temper tantrum after Fox News host calls out her bogus Biden attack
Kellyanne Conway speaks to Fox News (screnn grab)

Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway threw a temper tantrum on Wednesday after Fox News host Sandra Smith called her out for peddling misinformation.

During an interview about this week's virtual Democratic National Convention, Conway tried to claim that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had no plan to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"I didn't hear Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, John Kerry, anybody, talk about this virus in a meaningful, solutions-based way!" she complained. "If they've got a good idea, they shouldn't be sitting on it until November 4th!"

"He's got a plan," Smith replied.

"Oh yeah, where is it?" Conway asked incredulously.

"It's on his campaign website," Smith replied.

"Yeah, sure," Conway replied sarcastically.

"You can read through it," Smith insisted.

"Yeah I've read through it," Conway claimed, even though moments earlier she had claimed that no such plan existed. "It's not much of a plan."

Watch the video below.