'Kiss the Senate goodbye': GOP strategist hits panic button over Trump's opening RNC message

President Donald Trump gave a talk at the start of the 2020 Republican National Committee -- but instead of projecting optimism and aspiration, it was filled with conspiratorial claims of "rigged" elections and attacks on the news media.

While such talk is typical during Trump rally speeches, one Republican strategist believes that it will be deadly if he keeps it up throughout the RNC.

CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports that the strategist, who is described as not a "Never Trumper," and who "often gives the president the benefit of the doubt," is already hitting the panic button about the election.

"If what we just heard is a preview of the President's message for the week, he loses and we lose," the strategist fretted. "We can kiss the Senate goodbye if the tone doesn't change."

According to FiveThirtyEight's latest poll aggregation, Trump currently trails Democratic rival Joe Biden nationally by an average of over nine points.