Lifelong conservative explains her endorsement of Joe Biden during Democratic convention
Wisconsin conservative Deb Miller (Photo: Screen capture)

The Democratic National Convention has shown the "big tent" that they have been bragging about for years as the likes of Gen. Colin Powell appeared on the same night as Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). While there were Republicans lining up to support former Vice President Joe Biden, one woman's endorsement is just as important.

Deb Miller has been voting for conservative candidates since her first-ever ballot cast for Ronald Reagan. This week, however, she's breaking that streak, BayNews9 reported.

"That was surreal," the Wisconsin conservative said. "It was something I never thought I would be doing."

She was among many featured in a montage of conservative voters declaring their support for Biden in a video that aired just prior to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. She submitted her video to Republican Voters Against Trump, a PAC by Republican allies opposing the president. She ended up in local ads and then the DNC.

She said that she doesn't consider herself a public speaker naturally, but she felt a strong urge to speak up against Trump. She said that he has a "lack of character," where Biden is a "much-needed example of empathy and human decency."

"Though I disagree with him on several issues, I will be voting for Joe Biden in hopes that he will restore order and integrity to the executive branch," Miller says in the video.

"For me, I try to do everything in the light of what I think the Lord wants, in light of the Bible," she explained. "And right now, for me, that means really highly valuing integrity and honesty and respect and justice."

Biden has been able to capture many members of the faith community as a dedicated Catholic who has spoken about how his faith helped him get through some of the most heartbreaking tragedies in his life.

See her video below: