Lifelong Republican backs Biden amid the GOP convention: I refuse to allow Trump to further degrade and defile the nation
Former Vice President Joe Biden (Facebook)

This Wednesday, lifelong Republican Jim Greenwood penned an op-ed in the Courier Times, explaining that after years of working on Republican campaigns, he's now voting for Joe Biden in 2020.

Greenwood writes that before being a Republican, he's a patriot. "As such I refuse to allow Donald Trump to further degrade and defile the nation I love."

According to Greenwood, President Trump has proven himself to be "a small-minded, uncaring, self-aggrandizing, compulsive liar." He adds that he's not the only Republican he knows who feels this way. "...military, security and diplomatic leaders, and other close associates who have served in the Trump administration, share this assessment."

Thanks to the coronavirus, Trump's unfitness for office has been laid bare.

"From the onset he minimized the grave risk that approached us for fear the truth would impact the economy on which he depended for reelection," Greenwood writes. "His failure to read, to lead, and his refusal to heed the advice of experts, and his consistent denial of scientific reality has resulted in disastrous economic consequences, and incalculable, preventable suffering and death."

Greenwood declares that 2020 is the time to change course. He also acknowledges that he doesn't necessarily agree with all of Biden's policies -- but he will continue to oppose policies that "weaken America."

"I am confident that Biden’s qualifications, experience and temperament will make him an able, empathetic and decent president, and help us bring about a united and stronger nation."

Read the full op-ed over at the Courier Times.