Lincoln Project hammers Trump for looming eviction crisis: 'He doesn't give a damn if you lose your house'

A new ad from the Lincoln Project takes President Donald Trump to task for the looming eviction crisis that is facing millions of Americans who cannot afford to pay rent in the wake of the COVID pandemic-induced recession.

"It's moving day for 25 million Americans," the ad states. "Not by choice -- but because the Trump evictions are starting soon."

The ad goes on to accuse Trump of "wrecking" the economy with his negligent handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and then said he wouldn't even support extending the monthly $600 enhanced unemployment benefits that have helped keep families afloat.

"The man in [the White House] doesn't give a damn if you lose yours," the ad concludes. "On November 3rd, remember: It's America or Trump."

Watch the video below.