Mask-hating Trump supporter refuses to leave DMV building even though she has no reason to be inside

A video is circulating on social media showing a maskless Trump supporter refusing to leave a Ohio DMV building, saying that she wants to accompany her boyfriend.

The woman, identified as Anna Peric, was asked to leave by employees and customers because she wasn't wearing a mask. In a post to her Facebook page, Peric said that an employee of the DMV had no right to enforce the state's mask mandate.

"I told him that he CAN NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY BODY. He then said I need to leave bc me being inside with Marc exceeded the space available," Peric wrote. "I asked to see the occupancy permit. I left the building and stood outside. The mob-crowd outside then began to yell things at me. One guy inside his truck called me a b*tch. Another younger guy said 'I dont care about the facemask, why do you have to be an expletive'."

In the video, the DMV employee repeatedly tells her that she has to wear a mask if she's going to be in the building.

"It's a mandate. It's not a law. Your job is not to enforce mandates," she tells him.

"I'm being given a pretty hard time here about not being able to stand next to my boyfriend without wearing a mask," Peric says as she continues walking towards the DMV counters.

When the employee threatens to call the police, Peric's boyfriend tried to reason with her.

"The cops are going to come here. You don't want that s**t again," he tells her.

On her Facebook page, Peric has shared content promoting Donald Trump and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Watch the full video below: