Mike Pence snaps when CNN's John Berman grills him over Trump's embrace of conspiracy nuts

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday got testy after CNN host John Berman grilled him about President Donald Trump's embrace of conspiracy theories such as QAnon.

During a contentious exchange, Berman asked him why the president declined to denounce QAnon, the conspiracy theory that claims the entire Democratic Party is a Satanic cult filled with cannibals and pedophiles.

Pence, however, falsely claimed that the president never "embraced" QAnon even though he boasted that its adherents have said very supportive things about them and praised them for "loving" America.

"You said he embraced that, I didn't hear that," Pence said. "I heard the president talk about he appreciates those who support him."

"Do you believe they love America?" Berman asked.

"I don't know anything about that conspiracy theory, John," the vice president replied.

"How can you not know about it given it's so much in the news?" Berman asked.

"Honestly, John, I just -- I don't know anything about that," Pence said. "I have heard about it, we dismiss conspiracy theories around here."

Later in the interview, Pence accused CNN of "chasing shiny objects" when he asked about the president's embrace of a conspiracy theory that the FBI has warned could inspire domestic terrorism.

"This is not a shiny object!" Berman objected.

Watch the video below.