Mike Pompeo is killing US foreign policy and everyone has become numb to the routinized abuse: op-ed
Mike Pompeo Freedomworks New Fair Deal Rally in Upper Senate Park outside the US Capitol, Washington DC on April 15 2013. (Mark Taylor/Flickr)

According to the Washington Post's Daniel Drezner, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's leadership style regularly displays all of the flaws of a "Trumpist political appointee" which has ultimately "numbed all foreign policy observers to his necrotic effect on the State Department and U.S. foreign policy."

Drezner writes that Pompeo has become the "21st-century avatar of Tartuffery" -- believing himself to be so pious that he's above ordinary rules and regulations, which is how he acts every time he enters into a "political gray zone." He's also an unrelenting partisan.

"If politics is ostensibly supposed to stop at the water’s edge, then the secretary of state is supposed to embody that maxim by staying above the domestic political fray," Drezner writes. "Traditionally, secretaries of state do not weigh in on domestic politics. They do not barnstorm across the country to speak to key domestic constituencies. They do not speak at political conventions."

"This is not how Pompeo has behaved as secretary of state," he adds.

Pompeo's diplomatic accomplishments are meager at best, according to Drezner, and one example is his dealings with Iran.

"The United States keeps alienating allies as it tries to squeeze the theocratic regime in Tehran," writes Drezner. "Meanwhile, Iran is closer to a nuclear program now than when Trump was inaugurated more than three years ago."

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