Mitch McConnell adviser slammed for claiming Obama waged a 'partisan' post-presidency

On CNN Wednesday, Mitch McConnell adviser Scott Jennings and CNN analyst Van Jones clashed over former President Barack Obama's post-presidency, amid reports that Obama will be delivering an explicitly anti-Trump speech at the third night of the Democratic convention.

"Republicans just don't see Barack Obama as a reluctant partisan," said Jennings. "From a Republican point of view, you look what George W. Bush did. He left Barack Obama alone. Republicans could have loved George W. Bush to criticize Obama. He never did it. Jimmy Carter never criticized people. But Barack Obama has been pretty partisan since he left the White House. He did not liken—"

"Not true. It's not true," cut in Van Jones.

"He's criticized Trump all the way through," insisted Jennings. "He has."

"Listen, you've had presidents go out there and stick up for their party, but he held himself way back," said Jones. "In fact, the party has been frustrated with him for not coming out. He's coming out now because he feels like he has to. You can take him more seriously because he's reluctant to do it."

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