Morning show gives airtime to panel of white 'Karens' who blame Black Lives Matter for making name a slur
Panel of 'Karens' complain about using name as slur (ITV)

A British TV news program gave airtime to a panel of white women named Karen who say they have been unfairly maligned.

In a segment on Monday, ITV's Morning Show talked to three women about "memes" that use their name as a slur.

"I just noticed a few memes and TikToks going on and it started of being quite funny," Karen Masters told the program. "And when the Black Lives Matter protests started, there was a lot of media putting Karen as racist. It sort of took on a life of its own."

"And I feel that we can't, as Karens, now talk about how it's affecting us because we are told that we're entitled if we do this," she continued. "So I set up a [petition] to show that this is not fair for us to have to put up with this."

Masters added: "We're labeled as racist, entitled and we're just not that sort of person. It's totally unfair and we want the media and the tabloid and the papers to stop using our name to describe racist people. I think you should describe racist people as racist."

Watch a portion of the interview below.