MSNBC panel mocks Trump for being too scared to put himself in his own campaign ads
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

One of the things that observers noticed with President Donald Trump’s campaign ads is that he’s no longer featured, instead only being included in the disclaimer that is legally mandated -- while there’s certainly no mention of the coronavirus.

During an MSNBC panel discussion Monday, stand-in host Chris Jansing noted that it has become clear that the Trump campaign still doesn't know how to message ads about the virus. Meanwhile, polls are showing former Vice President Joe Biden pulling ahead of Trump in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Jansing asked commentator Jason Johnson why Trump's campaign doesn't have all the grateful governors the president says are thanking him appearing in ads.

"Well, because he screwed it up, Chris," said Johnson. "He's doing such a terrible job that he can't even put -- look, here's the irony of this advertising campaign, okay? Donald Trump, who slaps his name on everything, he puts a T on every tower, puts his name on steaks, on diplomas, now he doesn't want to put his own face on his own commercials. That's how much his brand has been damaged throughout the course of his presidency over the last four years."

Johnson laughed that Trump has now moved to hide himself. It's a strange move after spending months claiming Biden was hiding in his basement.

"The last time we saw this is when Republicans didn't want to bring George Bush around during the 2008 convention," Johnson recalled. "Donald Trump is a toxic brand. Amongst his supporters, they love him, but he's so polarizing that he's now a galvanizing force for Democrats. At some point, you're going to have to show what you've accomplished. You can't just attack the other side and right now Donald Trump doesn't have much to show what he's accomplished."

Columnist A.B. Stoddard described it as more of the same of Trump's absence when it comes to the virus itself by denying and dismissing the existence of COVID-19 from the start.

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