Neighbors accuse Black woman of 'driving down' property values with Black Lives Matter sign
Black Lives Matter sign in Oswego, New York draws criticism from neighbors (Twitter)

A Black woman in Oregon said that she was accused of "driving down" property values because a sign supporting Black Lives Matter was displayed in the window of her home.

The story was shared by Twitter user @pivyak, who said the incident occurred in Lake Oswego after her sister painted a sign in the home's front window. The sign reads, "Silence supports police violence."

In an anonymous letter, self-described "neighbors" complained that they could not sell their homes for the "best price" because of the sign.

"We believe you've made your point," the letter states. "As tensions rise in our city, home is the safe and quiet place we wanted to return to after being at work. We want to come home to a beautiful street where neighbors care and support one another."

"We have homes on our street that are trying to sell for the best price possible," the note continues. "Your sign is driving down interest to live on this street, hence our property values suffer (including yours).

The "neighbors" go on to argue that the woman should "save your political viewpoint for inside your home."

"Homes are not made to be build boards [SIC] for political opinions, they are a place for families to rest, enjoy life and feel safe," the letter concludes.

The Twitter user who shared her story said that the incident is "100% on brand for lake oswego."

"[They just] straight up said (to one of their verrryy few POC neighbors) that they place property value over black lives," she wrote.

Read the letter below.