Nevada GOP blasted for allowing ‘dangerous lies’ by the Trump campaign about the state’s elections
Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and President Donald Trump (Facebook)

Republicans were harshly criticized by veteran Nevada reporter Jon Ralson for telling "dangerous lies" about the state's upcoming 2020 election.

Ralston, the editor of The Nevada Independent, noted a tweet by former GOP Attorney General Adam Laxalt.

"Mail in voting is to voting what a take home exam is to a proctored one! And if you have a million dollar winning lottery ticket would you mail it in to claim the prize? Or would you hand carry it? Why would we treat the sacred right to vote with any more laxity?" Laxalt asked. "Secure our vote!"

Ralston blasted Laxalt's position.

"Your frequent reminder that Laxalt had the chance to vote in-person in June, but instead chose to vote by mail," Ralston noted. "Why would he treat the sacred right to vote with any more laxity?"

Ralston noted it wasn't just Laxalt, not a column by Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller at the right-wing Daily Caller website, noting three lies.

Ralston said Trump campaign senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp, Laxalt and Miller "are being allowed to spout these dangerous lies about Nevada's electoral process and NV GOP electeds are standing around like potted plants."

"What a low point. Disgraceful," he declared.

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