New Lincoln Project ad blitz targets Latino voters in crucial red states
Ivanka Trump with her father in a Lincoln Project ad (screengrab)

The Lincoln Project, a political action group made up of anti-Trump Republicans, is gearing up to launch an ad campaign targeting Latino voters in the red states of Florida, Texas, and Arizona, Newsweek has learned.

The bilingual, six-figure ad buy is aimed at Puerto Ricans in Florida and Latino voters in Arizona and Texas, and "represents the first salvo in micro-targeting Hispanics who the group feels has reason to dislike Trump's leadership and rhetoric on issues that matter to them," Newsweek reports.

"The ad brings together George W. Bush veterans from his 2000 campaign, when exit polls showed he received a sizable 35 percent of the Latino vote, including Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid, consultant Cesar Martinez, and legendary ad man Lionel Sosa, who helped Ronald Reagan and Bush garner larger than expected support from Hispanics," reports Newsweek.

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