New Lincoln Project ad contrasts Trump's crudeness with Biden's decency
Joe Biden and Donald Trump (Photos: Shutterstock)

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn't made it a secret that he once suffered from a debilitating stutter. While he still fights it to this day, one major way he gives back is by staying in contact with children who suffer from the same affliction.

In a new ad from the GOP-led group, the Lincoln Project, Biden is shown talking to one of those young people and encouraging him that he's smart and he can overcome the struggle.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and his staff has taken a different path.

“Donald Trump lacks even a modicum of courtesy, humility, and respect,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen in a release. “In Joe Biden, we have the opportunity to elect someone with an abundance of those characteristics, but who is also a sharp, effective, and focused leader. America needs and deserves a president that actually represents her people.”

The group said that Biden has proven himself to be a kind, respectful man while Trump operates under the motto "what can you do for me?"

See the touching ad in the video below: