Paralyzed Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his hospital bed — but police won’t reveal the charges: report
Jacob Blake's father Jacob Blake Sr. (Photo: Screen capture)

Jacob Blake's father said that his paralyzed son is handcuffed to his bed, despite the fact that Blake can't stand or go anywhere. To make matters worse, Blake hasn't been charged with a crime as of yet, so his family isn't sure why he's handcuffed.

The Chicago Sun-Times explained that the Kenosha Police Department, Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office and Wisconsin Department of Justice all didn't respond to questions or give any information about the charges against Blake.

“I hate it that he was laying in that bed with the handcuff onto the bed,” his father said. “He can’t go anywhere. Why do you have him cuffed to the bed?”

Blake's father, said he hasn't heard from the police department or the mayor, but Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers reached out.

Blake, who is responsive and able to speak to his family said that he thought he was hallucinating when he saw his father in the hospital.

“I told him, ’You thought Daddy wasn’t going to see my son?’” his father recalled. “He grabbed my hand, held it real tight and started weeping, telling me how much he loved me.”

Blake said that his son's eyes were swollen but he "looked and sounded like" his son and he was alive.

“It was way more than fulfilling,” his father recalled. “It was a feeling I can’t describe.”

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