Pelosi called Congress back from vacation for USPS vote — but Dems also want coronavirus relief votes
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (screengrab)

Rank-and-file Democrats are pressuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the House of Representatives to take up coronavirus stimulus when the body returns from vacation.

"A growing number of Democrats are pushing their leadership to vote on new relief measures when the House returns Saturday, as the U.S. economy sputters and the coronavirus continues to flare," Politico reported Tuesday.

"The House will gavel in for a rare weekend session to vote on a bill to shore up the U.S. Postal Service, with Democrats furious that the Trump administration’s cost-cutting measures have led to mail delays across the country and widespread concerns about ballots not being delivered in time for the 2020 election," Politico explained. "But some Democrats say that vote — which will summon hundreds of lawmakers back to the Capitol for one day during the August recess — should be accompanied by others to show the party is confronting the nation’s ongoing economic crisis, especially with less than three months to go before voters go to the polls."

There is pushback, however, from some powerful members.

"Some senior Democrats, though, have been skeptical of the idea so far, noting that it would be difficult to agree on how to proceed with such a vote in just a handful of days. And several sources said there is some dissent among the upper ranks of Democratic leadership over whether — and which — bills should come for a vote," Politico reported. "The push from some Democrats to vote on more to rescue the nation’s sputtering economy — even after the House passed its own $3.5 trillion package in May — comes as millions of out-of-work Americans have grown increasingly desperate after the recent lapse in federal safety net programs."

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