Pence brags about plan to fight mail-in votes: Trump will ‘head straight to the courthouse’ — hints at using SCOTUS to win
Mike Pence (Screen Capture)

Vice President Mike Pence let down his guard in an interview with David Brody, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network reporter in a just-released video about the Trump administration's plan to fight the mail-in voting process to win the election – and possibly to use the Supreme Court to win.

Pence bragged that the Trump administration – not the Trump campaign, which shows there is no line between the two – has plans to challenge mail-in ballots in court.

"You're going to see this president and our administration head straight to the courthouse," Pence declared, proudly. "We're going to oppose universal mail-in voting."

"We're going to lean into the courts at every level," he added, suggesting they already have a plan to take the battle to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Earlier this week one noted author claimed Jared Kushner is "in charge of planning [a] last ditch try at disqualifying Biden ballots on election night, urging Republican state legislatures to ‘send competing slates of electors,’ and then seeking a Supreme Court ruling in Trump’s favor."

Watch the vice president's remarks: