Professor Eddie Glaude blasts Trump’s boasts about helping Black Americans: ‘He sounds like a plantation owner‘

During a recent interview with Axios, President Trump claimed to have done "more for the Black community than anybody, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln." Appearing on MSNBC this Tuesday, Princeton University chairman of African American Studies Eddie Glaude Jr. said that he can't take seriously Trump's claims of success with the Black community.

"We need to understand him for who he is," Glaude said. "We can call him a narcissist, we can call him an egotist, we can call him a vulgarian, but the main thing is that when we hear him talk like this, we need to understand it for the paternalistic language that it is."

Glaude went on to say that the Black community doesn't need Trump to do something "for" them.

"He sounds like a plantation owner and that we should be grateful to him," he said.

Watch the segment in the video below: