Ratings disaster: Dems trounced GOP on convention night 3 – ‘America’s Got Talent’ beat RNC, Harris beat Pence
Mike Pence Republican convention (Photo: Screen capture)

The Republican National Convention by many accounts was a snoozefest, lacking interest or even what some thought were possible-drug-induced hyperbolic performances, and now the numbers prove that Americans tuned out the Trump-Pence show, bigly.

Fox News Sports' executive vice president Michael Mulvihill, Head of Strategy and Analytics, just posted overnight ratings numbers, and they are as bad as you might have expected, if not worse.

Basically, Democrats' convention night three beat the RNC's night three by more than 50% – which is huge.

And vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris beat Vice President Mike Pence by a whopping 54% in top markets.

TVline also reports for the big three networks, the RNC's Wednesday night show was the "smallest combined tally thus far."

NBC’s "America’s Got Talent" drew more viewers on just one network than the RNC did on three, delivering "the night’s biggest audience."